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episode 008:From A Special Place – The Legacy of Silent Hill 2

At long last, here is the show. The big one we’ve been drumming up all these weeks for. The capper episode to our October series is an exploration into the darkest regions of the gamerspace, with a singularly amazing guest. CG Texture & Model artist du jour, Krystal Sau Eua (Red Cliff, 2012, AVATAR, SKYLINE, to name a few) joins the Combo Attack!! gang as they tackle the wonders of Eden Of The East, the versatile timekilling of Minecraft, some words on the Superman movie franchise, before taking on the legacy of Konami’s groundbreaking creepfest, Silent Hill 2!

(*apologies for the often unpredictable sound quality in this one. As much as we rely on machines, one can’t do without a couple of bad spirits in them..)

It’s a one-of-a-kind full-length file that you can take with you in the player of your choice!

Download Me!

Oh, and don’t miss Skyline, coming to theaters in a few weeks!