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episode 015: Top Five Special Effects Milestones & Interview w/ AVATAR CG artist, K. Sae Eua!

Proof positive that one can’t keep a good  addiction  down…

After a nearly two-month hiatus, Combo Attack returns with a spectacular hint of things to come with a celebration of those unsung heroes of cinema, the visual effects artists who have come to shape decades of cinematic dreams. Joining Alain, Joel & Mike is returning guest, texture artist, Krystal Sae Eua, as they each explore five of their favorite FX movies &  moments in a fast-paced, special Combo Attack event. And following the countdown is a revealing interview with Krystal regarding working on James Cameron’s FX landmark, AVATAR, as well as a further exploration into the world of digital cinema.

(Despite a dedicated battle with various technical troubles, we’d like to believe that this episode is a triumph of post-pro. Power to the edit!)

Download Here.

[00:00 – 68:00] Top Five Favorite FX Films & Moments (Roundtable)

[68:00 – 88:07] Interview with Krystal Sau Eua regarding working on AVATAR & the world of digital cinema, the 3D conundrum, and the potential future of FX films.

Combo Attack will return..


combo attack presents: nightmare fuel part two:mike

Our October celebration rages on with another nerve-shredding selection from the video vault.

Once again digging from the cinematic mass graveyard of the 1970s came the unbridled power of the italian horror film in a powerhouse from gialli favorite, Dario Argento. Short on logic, and unrelenting on the terror, even the trailer for this film is enough to scare grown men off of sleep for a few nights.

Mike recollects, and shares his love of this 1977 classic.


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Combo Attack Presents – Nightmare Fuel Part One: Alain

Gas up your chainsaws & start prepping the chili, it’s time for..

Continuing our celebration of October, and all things eerie, it felt right to pull in and focus on a favorite pastime of ours – Horror On Home Video!


Combo Attack!! offers a special three-part series of shortcasts centering on what Alain, Joel, and Mike think of when the summer comes to a close, and the spirits of the dead begin calling again.

First episode centers on a piece of classic 70s travelogue in the form of the quintessential Tobe Hooper classic…

Download Here! Nightmare Fuel Part One: Alain