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Episode 009: Scott Pilgrim Is Dead (aka-Farewell, Days Of Youth)

After months of tweets, blogs, podcasts, and even Q & A visits, the boys at Combo Attack!! see no recourse, this is it. As Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic opus receives a somewhat rushed dvd/Blu-ray release on November 9th, it only felt right to give our favorite Toronto kids the sendoff they deserve in a near 90-minute free for all featuring a most unique of guests!

Adventures On Infant Island co-host, Jenny Park joins us for the festivities as we not only discuss the film, but also of geek royalty past and present, and even plumb the depths of Rock N’ Roll movie history!

Combo Attack 009 – Scott Pilgrim Is Dead

Let the bonuses begin!

And then a little more regarding the film version’s kinetic assault!

Oh ok…How about the whole affair we attended via Edgar himself?


Combo Attack!! Bonus Round – Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Comics?

Ok, so we lied.

Surprise! Despite our initial plans to have a new episode taking place at the end of August, this just couldn’t wait. Join Alain & Mike as they kick & punch their way through an off-the-cuff geekfest battle royale regarding the release of Edgar Wright’s spectacular adaptation of Bryan Lee O’ Malley’s quasi-manga magnum opus, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World!

comboattack BONUS ROUND – Scott Pilgrim Chat -DOWNLOAD

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