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Opus Debut Is Huge: Episode 000 Talkin’ The Dark Knight

Welcome one and all to yet another super geeky podcast!

What sets Combo Attack!! apart from the rest? We’ll be examine pop culture milestones & cult hits from the visual to the literary in the hopes of finding what sets them apart in a world filled with product.

Combo Attack!! hits the scene with a primer episode filled to the gills with mythological discussion, insight, and love from three guys hailing from three diverging fandoms. In this roundtable debut, your hosts, Alain, Joel , and Mike embark on what is perhaps the modern geek’s essential fireside chat, a penultimate examination of Christopher Nolan’s groundbreaking blockbuster. Covering the finer character points of the film, this is no doubt a sprawling, **SPOILER** heavy preview of what we’re about. So sit back, relax, and enjoy what we hope will be a sufficiently epic taster for future shows.

Direct Download Here!