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episode:010 That PIXAR Touch 1 (The Toy Story Trilogy)

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! We trust you had a lovely weekend, and hopefully didn’t have to brave too many crowds on Friday. While all of this was winding down, we at the Combo Attack!! crew concocted a warm, fun, and wildly informative look at one of modern filmdom’s great success stories (all the while buried in oceans of blankets, sipping the piping hot cocoa, and…shopping online?) Join Alain, Joel & Mike as they have an early holiday fireside chat about CG titans, PIXAR, and their crowning achievement, The Toy Story Trilogy!


Also..Some News!

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Episode 001 – TRON Retrospective

And so it begins…

Join Alain, Joel, & Mike as they dive headlong into the seminal cult classic TRON, featuring a sprawling chat regarding the film & its impact (and even some interesting stories from a little boy in love with 3DCG ala 1982!!)

Grab your disc, and rev up those light cycles, it’s time for us to take a trip..


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