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Transitions & The Joel Unseen

It really is all in the reflexes..Joining Mike for this quick, dirty, and revealing episode is our resident gaming acolyte, and cult movie cherry, Joel who lets us in on what he’s been up to (as well as a huge, burning admission – rife with possibility!) Enjoy, as we discuss the first viewing of an adored genre-mashing favorite from the 1980s, as well as the coolness that is . The quips, and revelations fly as Combo Attack!! shares a little more on what’s to come, as well as a few more surprises!

Combo Attack – Transitions And The Joel Unseen


episode 015: Top Five Special Effects Milestones & Interview w/ AVATAR CG artist, K. Sae Eua!

Proof positive that one can’t keep a good  addiction  down…

After a nearly two-month hiatus, Combo Attack returns with a spectacular hint of things to come with a celebration of those unsung heroes of cinema, the visual effects artists who have come to shape decades of cinematic dreams. Joining Alain, Joel & Mike is returning guest, texture artist, Krystal Sae Eua, as they each explore five of their favorite FX movies &  moments in a fast-paced, special Combo Attack event. And following the countdown is a revealing interview with Krystal regarding working on James Cameron’s FX landmark, AVATAR, as well as a further exploration into the world of digital cinema.

(Despite a dedicated battle with various technical troubles, we’d like to believe that this episode is a triumph of post-pro. Power to the edit!)

Download Here.

[00:00 – 68:00] Top Five Favorite FX Films & Moments (Roundtable)

[68:00 – 88:07] Interview with Krystal Sau Eua regarding working on AVATAR & the world of digital cinema, the 3D conundrum, and the potential future of FX films.

Combo Attack will return..

Episode 6 – Elegy For Masks (WATCHMEN – from book to film)

And from the protracted quiet comes this barnburner of a September show featuring a wonderful guest! Fellow comics lover & artist, Yanis Zambeis joins Alain, Joel & Mike for an informal roundtable talk regarding both Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons’ comic book milestone, as well as discuss the long-awaited, and controversial live-action film version! We attempted to hit one hour with this episode, and came up short, but this is WATCHMEN. (Can one blame us?)

Download the episode Here

From talking the dichotomy of masks in an alternate 1985, to the sledgehammer stylings of Zack Snyder, this is a timed podcast for the books.

Featured sounds:

Prophecies by Philip Glass


This Bitter Earth by Dinah Washington & Max Richter

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Combo Attack!! Bonus Round – Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Comics?

Ok, so we lied.

Surprise! Despite our initial plans to have a new episode taking place at the end of August, this just couldn’t wait. Join Alain & Mike as they kick & punch their way through an off-the-cuff geekfest battle royale regarding the release of Edgar Wright’s spectacular adaptation of Bryan Lee O’ Malley’s quasi-manga magnum opus, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World!

comboattack BONUS ROUND – Scott Pilgrim Chat -DOWNLOAD

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Episode 001 – TRON Retrospective

And so it begins…

Join Alain, Joel, & Mike as they dive headlong into the seminal cult classic TRON, featuring a sprawling chat regarding the film & its impact (and even some interesting stories from a little boy in love with 3DCG ala 1982!!)

Grab your disc, and rev up those light cycles, it’s time for us to take a trip..


Download Here!

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