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episode 013: Evangelion Confessional [MegaCast]

Three weeks later, and now upon us is perhaps the penultimate. The core. The original inspiration for this podcast, and all the work that goes into it. Combo Attack welcomes 2011 with a full-length discussion of one of Japanese media’s most enduring creations. Join Alain, Joel & special guest (Anime Diet‘s own) Michael (Gendomike) Huang, and myself as we explore the still smoking embers of GAINAX’s television masterpiece, Neon Genesis Evangelion! Experience testimonies of fateful first viewings, as well as examinations into the show’s legacy, along with all the fun, insight & laughs one comes to expect from the CA Team!

Friends, and fans shouldn’t miss this one..{SPOILER RATING:Moderate}

On a bum note, the upcoming show featuring our very own, NVR-NDR has been canned due to venue issues [BOOO.] But rest assured, Combo Attack fans. Should any new shows and events come to our attention, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date via here or on Twitter!

Direct Download Here


[00:00 – 15:47] : Intros – What We’ve Been Checking Out

[15:48 – 53:33] : Confessionals Of The Second Impact


[54:10 – 77:26 ] Acts Of Desperation & Secrets To Legend

Bonus: [74:25 – 75:40] (Just a Notch Off From Reality) Too Meta For Some

[77:28 – 87:26] : Stumbling Upward: A beautiful failure.

[87:46 – 104:50] Could Another EVA Happen Again?(Or What Must Happen First)

[105:30 – Finale] Final Thoughts


episode 008:From A Special Place – The Legacy of Silent Hill 2

At long last, here is the show. The big one we’ve been drumming up all these weeks for. The capper episode to our October series is an exploration into the darkest regions of the gamerspace, with a singularly amazing guest. CG Texture & Model artist du jour, Krystal Sau Eua (Red Cliff, 2012, AVATAR, SKYLINE, to name a few) joins the Combo Attack!! gang as they tackle the wonders of Eden Of The East, the versatile timekilling of Minecraft, some words on the Superman movie franchise, before taking on the legacy of Konami’s groundbreaking creepfest, Silent Hill 2!

(*apologies for the often unpredictable sound quality in this one. As much as we rely on machines, one can’t do without a couple of bad spirits in them..)

It’s a one-of-a-kind full-length file that you can take with you in the player of your choice!

Download Me!

Oh, and don’t miss Skyline, coming to theaters in a few weeks!

Opus Debut Is Huge: Episode 000 Talkin’ The Dark Knight

Welcome one and all to yet another super geeky podcast!

What sets Combo Attack!! apart from the rest? We’ll be examine pop culture milestones & cult hits from the visual to the literary in the hopes of finding what sets them apart in a world filled with product.

Combo Attack!! hits the scene with a primer episode filled to the gills with mythological discussion, insight, and love from three guys hailing from three diverging fandoms. In this roundtable debut, your hosts, Alain, Joel , and Mike embark on what is perhaps the modern geek’s essential fireside chat, a penultimate examination of Christopher Nolan’s groundbreaking blockbuster. Covering the finer character points of the film, this is no doubt a sprawling, **SPOILER** heavy preview of what we’re about. So sit back, relax, and enjoy what we hope will be a sufficiently epic taster for future shows.

Direct Download Here!