About Us

Fringe culture archaeology is the drive. Imagination, the fuel.The
Combo Attack!! Podcast is an exploration of contemporary pop culture through the eyes of 3 corners of the fan experience. Each episode consists of us discussing a beloved property from any platform (film, comic, video game, literature,etc.) in the hopes of finding what it was that made it so noteworthy. An entertaining, freewheeling experiment in the name of bridging pop-culture gaps the internet over!


2 responses to “About Us

  1. Will you guys do another podcast on the rest of the Evangelion movies and other medias? I am a fan of Evangelion and I would be thrilled to hear more of your opinions on thing such as the Rebuild series and the “live-action movie” that will probably never get made.


    • Thanks so much for your reply! Actually, we have considered doing yet another Evangelion episode centering on story now that the phenom discussion has come and gone. I’m personally interested in discussing the Rebuild project at some mild length since sharing my views on Anime Diet sometime back. As for talking the less and less probable Live Action project, let’s just say the less we talk about who’s hands it is in, the better. It just seems less and less of a good idea. 😉

      Thanks again for your reply, and please spread the word about us. This is only the beginning!

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