episode 014: Binary Nation (Marvel’s Civil War)

When the empowered everywhere are placated for a single catastrophic event, is there any such thing as a side? Join Joel, Alain, and Mike as they are joined by Reality Check Fail‘s always excellent  Daniel Campisi for a one-of-a-kind roundtable look back at one of superhero comic-dom’s most controversial crossover arcs!

BTW: Our very own Joel seems to finally be writing some more! Check out his look back at a gaming franchise that needs little introduction.

[00:00 – 27:00] Intros & What We’ve Been Checking Out. (Sgt. Frog, DC Online, Green Hornet, Fractale, Mother, & more!)

[26:23 – 90:23] Themes of Civil War & The Superhero Registration Act

[26:23 – 41:00] First Impressions On the Overall & The Challenge Of Characters As Plot Devices;

[41:15 -45:25] The Primary Players: Iron Man Vs. Captain America?

[45:26- 49:25] Peter Parker’s Dilemma & The Problem With Continuity/Cross-Marketing  **SPOILERS?**

[49:40 – 52:00] Allegorical Melee

[52:00 – 57:00]  The X-Men: Forever Outcast

[57:00 –  59:00] The Cable Factor “….My Past Is Your Future”

[59:00 –  62:39] Just Sayin’ : Character Retcon Check (What if Bruce were here?) **SERIOUS SPOILERS**

[62:40 – 90:23] The Outcome & Personal Reflections. **Goes Without Saying**

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2 responses to “episode 014: Binary Nation (Marvel’s Civil War)

  1. Great podcast. I love that you guys have such distinct opinions on the various ideas involved with Civil War.

    I agree that the concept could have been taken farther and easily stretched out for another year. Another aspect I’m glad you touched on was where the good scenes took place. Many of the memorable and good scenes were often in ancillary titles and not in the core Civil War book.

    And if you want to look at Marvel having a story reacting to pop culture, look no further than Secret Invasion. It was a big parallel to Battlestar Galactica, even though Marvel pointed out the similarities leading to the start of the event, but retracted their statements once everything started. Skrulls look like people, worship some mysterious God, and have a plan. Just like Cylons.

    • Thanks for the comment! Ah, yes. This one was especially interesting for us as it was the first time the balance of familiarity was so shifted. Something that opens a door to some very interesting viewpoints. Having no connection to this mythos, I myself found it interesting to seek out the thematics from an outsider perspective. And for me, it was more interesting to look at it as an epic tale rather than yet another arc of a larger legacy of stories, and favorite characters. Fascinating experiment. Hopefully we will take this one as an object lesson for future episodes.

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