Episode 004:Welcome To The Pixeldome(Live in Little Tokyo) Pt.One

The Combo Attack Is Live! Well, sorta. Alain, Joel & Mike join forces in Little Tokyo for a first time up-front episode/melee, recalling the early days of arcade games in the first of a special two-part event! From Pong, to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from Tramway cabin, to Pizza Parlor, expect the unexpected as Combo Attack goes 80s.

But first…A little message!

Direct Download Here!

Again, we’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments below!


7 responses to “Episode 004:Welcome To The Pixeldome(Live in Little Tokyo) Pt.One

  1. ^_^
    hieh guiz,

    comment: making the link say “click here to join us” = confusing! internet users have a natural aversion to things that say “join” or “register”…

    question: do you prefer comments here on the wordpress or on podomatic? I posted on here cuz you don’t have to register.

    comment: pacman = horror game = me lol

    have you heard of Ming & Ping Pong?




    • Hah! Yeah, all these projects are pretty great. And yes, when one stops and looks carefully, Pac-Man has some horrific stuff going on there.

      Comments are most welcome here as Pod-O-Matic will be a temporary solution. We truly love our home base, and will likely have more activity here in the coming months, so please, yes!

      Hoping things are well, tlr!

      -I totally understand all that “join”, “register” protocol. ;P

  2. I think my favorite arcade games were:

    ALIENS VS PREDATOR : at the round table pizza. sweet cthulhu best game ever

    VIRTUAL ON : I make asian kids cry.

    Dance Dance Revolution : I was never super good at it but getting exercise at the nickel arcade was fun…


  3. almost forgot:

    Raiden / all top down shooters = my favorite to play now.


  4. -And YES. I was a massive lover of Virtual-On. Now if only the chassis shook with all that action!

  5. Yeah, boy-ee! I was there! I saw it all! Epicness for all!

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